10th February 2019: Eyuphuro – Masikini

Artist: Eyuphuro
Title: Masikini
Language: Makua, a Bantu language
Translation: Poor / poverty. Although, under the video on YouTube someone wrote this:
“The song title is “Masikini”, which literally means “disabled person”. It was sung in Makua language from the northern region of Mozambique. Unfortunately, the singer, Issufo Manuel, passed away. In the song he tells us not to laugh at other people’s disability or their disadvantages and not even laugh when we see a needy person struggling. This is a mean thing to do. Instead, we should give him hand and help.”. Amen to that, my friend.

Beautiful music from Mozambique. The band’s name, Eyuphuro, means ‘whirlwind’. This track is from their 2001 album ‘Yellela’. There is a short description of the band’s music here: https://realworldrecords.com/artists/eyuphuro/

DJ Esperanto


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