12th June 2018: Collage – Mets Neidude Vahel

Artist: Collage 
Title: Mets Neidude Vahel (Forest In Between The Maidens)
Language: Estonian

When it starts this song makes me think of Medieval vocal music. There is some excellent jazz flute, and I really like the record cover. Estonia in 1978 🙂 This group included students from The Tallinn Conservatory and The Tallinn School Of Music and Pedagological Institute, and often used Estonian traditional folk songs (known as runo-songs) as part of their repertoire (thank you, Discogs).

I follow a channel on YouTube called ‘Funked Up East’ (which is where I found this track), which is curated by a guy called Misha Panfilov. Check it out if you like music from Eastern Europe. I just found out he also hosts a radio show on Frission Radio, which I am going to search out, and suggest you do too!

DJ Esperanto


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