14th January 2019: General Elektriks – Au tir à la carabine

Artist: General Elektriks
Title: Au tir à la carabine
Language: French
Translation: Rifle shooting

Unusually, I am very up-to-date with today’s track, as it is from last year! Unlike me, I know, as I prefer to wade through the music of the 60s and 70s, but I really loved the vibe of this one. I found the lyrics are particularly relevant today – hopefully the people who choose to use words as bullets like the girl in the song will have a similar epiphany and see the error of their ways. The video, by Zachary Zezima, is just fabulously beautiful and vibrant. His work looks so familiar, so I am wondering where I may have seen it before. Note to self: find out!

You can read a little more about the video here: https://www.stashmedia.tv/general-elektriks-au-tir-a-la-carabine-zachary-zezima/

Lyrics here: https://greatsong.net/paroles-au-tir-a-la-carabine-general-elektriks

DJ Esperanto


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