1st March 2018: 櫻花 (Sakura Teng & The Quests) – 欢乐今宵

Artist: 櫻花 (Sakura Teng & The Quests)
Title: 欢乐今宵
Language: Mandarin

Sakura Teng was a very popular singer in 1960s China.  I really like this song 🙂  I think there is a whole world to discover here, so I shall return to Chinese 60s pop later in the year after I have done a little more research!  In the meantime, this is so catchy, you’ll be humming away to it all day. I had conflicting messages as to what the song is called in English, so I have just put the Mandarin name.  I shall dig out my Mandarin dictionary and see if I can come to some conclusion…

DJ Esperanto


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