26th February 2019: 潘秀瓊 – 梭羅河之戀

Artist: 潘秀瓊 (Pan Xiuqiong)
Title: 梭羅河之戀
Language: Possibly Cantonese as it was released in Hong Kong – please let me know if I’m incorrect.
Translation: Bengawan Solo

The translation of this title really confused me. Google Translate translates it as ‘Solo River Love’. It is actually called ‘Bengawan Solo’, but is kind of a love story to the Solo River, which runs through Indonesia and beyond (it’s a very long river!). So that Google translation kind of makes sense now.

This song was written in 1940 by Indonesian singer-songwriter Gesang Martohartono, and is an example of the ‘Kroncong‘ style of music. It has been recorded *many* times and became incredibly popular all across Asia. This is the 1968 version by Pan Xiuqiong, which I think has a nod to ‘Je t’aime…’ with that lovely, lazy bass guitar.

Bengawan Solo is (apparently) also the name of a chain of shops in Singapore that sells cakes – yum!

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