29th January 2019: The Sophisticates – Oo Asmara

Artist: The Sophisticates
Title: Oo Asmara
Language: Indonesian
Translation: Not exactly sure…Asmara is a girl’s name in Urdu, so I reckon this song may be about a girl called Asmara. This name is originally from Arabic, and means beautiful butterfly. Asmara is also the capital of Eritrea, but the likelihood of this song being about that city is, in my opinion, slim.

This song is *so* good. You know I love disco, but this is just great! I can’t find out much about the band, but I know that this track was on their 1980 self-titled album. You can listen to the *whole album* on YouTube (https://youtu.be/o8q4H7xhiBY), and if that doesn’t fill you with joy I honestly don’t know what will.

DJ Esperanto


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