2nd January 2019: Barış Manço – Dönence

Artist: Barış Manço
Title: Dönence
Language: Turkish
Translation: Tropic

Barış Manço is still one of Turkey’s best loved musicians from the 60s / 70s / 80s, and this is him singing with his excellent band Kurtalan Ekspres. He was a musician who was an integral and pioneering part of the Anatolian Rock scene that started in Turkey. This song is from the 1981 album ‘Sözüm Meclisten Dışarı‘.   I am really getting a film soundtrack vibe from this track, maybe like a John Carpenter theme…I also am very much in favour of glockenspiels in rock music!

His first name means ‘peace’ in Turkish.

DJ Esperanto


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