Artist: Stein Ingerbrigtsen / Ingersen (I think there is a name disparity due to the singer being Norwegian, but the song being in German / released in Germany?)
Title: Wir sind jung, wir sind frei
Translation: We are young, we are free
Language: German
Cover: ‘Seasons In The Sun’ by Terry Jacks

Okay, so I didn’t actually know that ‘Seasons In The Sun’ by Terry Jacks, a favourite song of my childhood, was a cover of a song called ‘Le moribond’ by Jacques Brel (which is a brilliant track! Note to self: listen to more Jacques Brel…). So I’ve added that below too.

I think we can all agree that this version by Stein Ingebrigsten is probably more faithful to the Terry Jacks rendition. Mr. Ingebrigtsen is Norwegian, and, according to the info under the video on YouTube, the father of Christian Ingebrigtsen from the group A1. Until recently I did have an A1 single in my collection, but I sent it to Music Magpie. Also on the YouTube page you can see comments from people complaining that the lyrics are wrong. Someone suggests Terry Jacks singing the song in German (In den Gärten der Zeit) is more faithful to his English version, so you can have that to listen to as well. Three tracks. I’m spoiling you today.

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