9th January 2019: Elis Regina & Milton Nascimento – Caxangá

Artist: Elis Regina & Milton Nascimento 
Title: Caxangá
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Translation: I believe that Caxangá is a neighbourhood of the city of Recife, which is on the north-east coast of Brazil.

This is another beautiful song from Brazil. I’m still not sure how so many talented musicians come from this one country! This lovely musical pair blazed a trail among the best Brazilian singers and songwriters, and their songs are among the most loved from Brazilian musical culture. Elis Regina sadly died in 1982, and more than 100,000 people followed her funeral procession throughout São Paulo.

There is a good interview with Milton Nascimento about meeting and working with Elis Regina on this website – Google can translate it for you: https://mdemulher.abril.com.br/famosos-e-tv/elis-o-grande-amor-da-minha-vida/

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