20th February 2018

Clip: Albanian Folk Dance – Festa e Madhe e Shqiperise (Great Albanian Holiday)
Language: Albanian

Albania is a country I have always wanted to visit, and I chose this track as I love the music and the dancing on display. Please persevere, even though it is not great video quality.

Someone has written under this video about how the Albanian traditional dances and music were kept alive by the Dictatorship they lived under. This film seems to be from an Albanian National Holiday. I am sad that in Britain we seem to have a slight aversion to communal folk dancing. It does happen, but not as gloriously out-in-the-open as the Albanian dancing, although there are still strong regional types of folk dance in Britain. There are clear political differences between the UK now and Albania in the 1970s, but we need to understand why countries have traditional dances, and why we tend not to do it so much anymore. What are they celebrating? What do the costumes represent? I say let’s make 2018 the year we all try and dance a bit more. Go big and make yourself a hobby horse, or find out what your local folk dancing costume is (or was). Start a group, if you like, or just have a little boogie in the supermarket. Be brave!

DJ Esperanto


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