11th February 2018

Artist: 블랙핑크 (Black Pink)
Title: 휘파람 (Whistle)
Language: Korean

Having listened to more K-pop than I would normally encounter on a daily basis, I have chosen this tune by Black Pink for you today. I do like songs with whistling in them! I am intrigued (and slightly disturbed) by the difference between male and female K-pop bands. Obviously (and bearing in mind I am looking at it from the view of a woman who is probably at least twice the age of any one of those girls), this mainly involves lack of clothing. I am also conscious of the fact that today’s song (as yesterday’s song) could be sung in a different language and still reach a youth audience in whichever country you chose. There is not much, to me, that is inherently Korean about this sort of music. But, perhaps that is the whole point? The English lyrics hint at a desire to spread to countries beyond Asia, and judging by the popularity of some K-pop artists (e.g. Rain, Wonder Girls) on tour in the USA, this may be a wise move.

DJ Esperanto


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