Category: Brazilian

11th January 2019: Tim Maia – Ela Partiu

Artist: Tim MaiaTitle: Ela Partiu Language: Brazilian Portuguese Translation: She left I love Tim Maia! I have featured one of his songs before on my old blog ( This track is a classic, if somewhat sad. “She left Left and never came back She disappeared, disappeared and never came back.” How could anyone leave Tim, I just don’t understand!

9th January 2019: Elis Regina & Milton Nascimento – Caxangá

Artist: Elis Regina & Milton Nascimento Title: Caxangá Language: Brazilian Portuguese Translation: I believe that Caxangá is a neighbourhood of the city of Recife, which is on the north-east coast of Brazil. This is another beautiful song from Brazil. I’m still not sure how so many talented musicians come from this one country! This lovely musical pair blazed a trail among...

30th July 2018: Marcos Valle – Não Tem Nada Não

Artist: Marcos Valle Title: Não Tem Nada Não Language: Brazilian Portuguese Yet another fabulous track from Brazil. I am yet to be disappointed by this country’s musical output! My favourite fun fact about Marcos Valle is that (according to Wikipedia, anyway) from 1972 to 1974, he provided the music for Vila Sésamo, Brazil’s version of Sesame Street. Today’s track came...

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