23rd July 2018: Charlie & Esdor – Då klagar mina grannar

Artist: Charlie & Esdor
Title: Då klagar mina grannar (Then my neighbors complain)
Language: Norwegian

Without wishing to insult a whole nation, I have found searching for stand-out Norwegian songs from the 60s and 70s…difficult. And then I found this, which is excellent! If any Norwegians read this, your suggestions for cool bands I can feature would be most gratefully received! Who should I be listening to? I’m not averse to modern music, as long as it’s good and sung in Norwegian 🙂

Charlie is Charlie Franzén, Esdor is Esdor Jensen, and this track was a single in 1970, which makes it the same age as me!

Note: this song ends rather abruptly – not sure what happened there!

DJ Esperanto


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