7th March 2018: Claudine Coppin – 40º a la sombra

Artist: Claudine Coppin
Title: 40º a la sombra (40 degrees in the shade)
Language: Spanish

Underneath the YouTube video it says that the band are called Los Exóticos. The Discogs website says they are called Los Indonesios. Whichever, this is a great upbeat number

from a film which is also called ‘Forty Degrees in the Shade’, an 1967 Argentine-Spanish comedy. Claudine Coppin is actually French, so we have a whole range of countries involved in this!

One holiday in Spain I went to Granada and it was 43 degrees, which was a little on the hot side for me. But I was thinking about sunny days as we are up to our knees in snow here at the moment.  I wish it was a bit warmer!

DJ Esperanto


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