Day 1: Musical Advent Calendar 2018

Artist: Frans Bauer

Title: Ik laat de lichtjes voor je branden
Translation: I’ll leave the lights on for you

Language: Dutch

Dutch word for Christmas: Kerst / Kerstmis

After a few months’ break, due to numerous and various time-consuming reasons, DJ Esperanto is back with the annual Musical Advent Calendar! I shall be taking you all on a metaphorical Christmas sleigh-ride around the globe, stopping off here and there to experience Yule tunes from decades past.

Today’s offering is a fine example of ‘levenslied’, or the Dutch version of our German friend Schlager music. Quite a modern choice for me, but it most definitely has echoes of Christmases past. It is on the album ‘Kerst met Frans Bauer’, from 2006. A jaunty way to kick off our Christmas countdown, I’m sure you’ll agree!

DJ Esperanto


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