Day 22: Musical Advent Calendar 2018

Artist: Chico Buarque
Title: Tão bom que foi o Natal
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Translation: So good, that was Christmas (? – that doesn’t sound quite right. Brazilian friends, please correct me if this is incorrect!)

This Brazilian song is adorable, and has a fascinating story surrounding it. From what I can gather from the translation of what is written under this video on YouTube, this song was written by Chico Buarque in 1967, and a real estate company liked it so much they asked if they could use it. It was sent out to their customers as a gift in 1968. It was not meant to be played on the radio or distributed any further than that. Years later, the same company used the song as their Christmas jingle, but ‘forgot’ to ask the permission of Mr. Buarque. They ended up being successfully sued by him and actually went bankrupt! A lesson to companies everywhere to respect the work of artists and musicians!

DJ Esperanto


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