Day 5: Musical Advent Calendar 2018

Artist: Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz
Title: Bomba en Navidad
Language: Spanish
Translation: Bomb at Christmas (hmm, that’s what Google Translate says, but that seems odd…I’m assuming a metaphorical bomb rather than a real one? ‘Bomba’ can also mean bombshell, which makes more sense…)

I am very drawn to Christmas salsa tunes, and this one (from 1976) is fabulous! After all, Christmas is a celebration, so having a great song to dance to makes perfect sense to me.

Ricardo ‘Richie’ Ray and Roberto ‘Bobby’ Cruz are among the foremost proponents of ‘salsa brava’. They formed in 1963 in New York (they have Puerto Rican origins), and are still performing today! I think this is something we should all be happy about 🙂

Official website here (in Spanish):

DJ Esperanto


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