3rd August 2018: DDR – Kap Farvel til Ümanarssuaq

Artist: DDR
Title: Kap Farvel til Ümanarssuaq
Language: Danish / Greenlandic (at the end)

This cover song, by Greenland band DDR, is from a 2006 compilation album called ‘Protestsange.dk’. This album features reinterpretations of protest songs by bands from years gone by. From looking at the lyrics, I think this song is about how the Danish came to Greenland and stole resources, making a fat profit. A story many countries will be familiar with – indeed, my own country being guilty of that crime many times over.

For those of you interested in geography, Kap Farvel (Cape Farewell) / Ümanarssuaq is the southernmost point of Greenland.

The original song by Danish rock band Gasolin’ can be heard here:

DJ Esperanto


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