5th March 2018: Die Naaimasjiene – Sê n gebed

Artist: Die Naaimasjiene (The Sewing Machines)
Title: Sê n gebed (Say A Prayer)
Language: Afrikaans

Living with a man who speaks Afrikaans, I really should have chosen more songs from South Africa for this blog. I shall have to remedy that!

My insider information is that ‘Die Naaimasjiene’ (The Sewing Machines) is also Afrikaaner slang, but it’s a rather unpleasant word to describe women. So let’s not dwell on that!

It’s a rather atmospheric track, a prayer for all the people considered to be in the underclass of society. Which was a powerful statement in South Africa at the time this track was released. It’s powerful wherever you are, to be honest!

DJ Esperanto


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