18th April 2018: Ennio Morricone – Un ami

Artist: Ennio Morricone (vocals by Daniel Beretta)
Title: Un ami (it is called ‘Un Amico’ in Italian)
Language: French

This track is from an Italian film called ‘Revolver‘, which starred Oliver Reed and Fabio Testi. Yet another film I need to see. This beautiful song runs through the film, and you can tell it’s a Morricone song without me having to tell you it is. Just gorgeous.

I also need to find out how Oliver Reed got a gig starring in an Italian film. I’m guessing that’s going to be a good story! I’m assuming he was dubbed, but hey, maybe he did speak Italian really well? I miss Oliver Reed.

This film is a ‘poliziottesco‘ film – a genre I feel sure I would absolutely love, being a huge fan of crime fiction. There is so much to enjoy in this world!

DJ Esperanto


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