10th May 2018: Gal Costa – Tuareg

Artist: Gal Costa
Title: Tuareg
Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Coincidentally, we are in Brazil again today! One of my friends nominated me to do that thing on Facebook where you post ten album covers that you like (with no explanation). This song is from an album that was my Day 2 choice.

One of the reasons I really love so much music made in non-English-speaking countries is the inventiveness, and how a record like this, for example, is seen as hugely important in Brazil as part of the Tropicália music movement. Interestingly, this excellent track is also an example of one culture looking at another one, as Brazilian Gal Costa describes a Tuareg man ‘Galopando seu cavalo preto brilhante’ (Galloping his bright black horse).

I guess four-four rock has its place, but I find it a little boring after a while. Give me this type of song in preference any day!

I thank my friend Liam for introducing me to Gal Costa on one of his excellent mix-tapes all those years ago 🙂

DJ Esperanto


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