3rd March 2018: خوجلي عثمان (Khojali Osman) – ما بنختلـف

Artist: خوجلي عثمان (Khojali Osman)
Title: ما بنختلـف (Google Translate says this translates as ‘What we disagree’)
Language: Arabic

Although this video starts and ends rather suddenly, the song itself is lovely. I gave Khojali Osman a brief mention on my previous blog last year, but neglected to choose one of his tracks at that time. We are lucky to have these videos to watch and to be able to listen to his music. Sadly he was murdered in 1994, which you can read about here.  There is an interview here with another hugely popular Sudanese musician, Mohammed Wardi, which gives more insight into what happened to Khojali Osman and the reasoning behind it. It makes for difficult reading, sadly.

DJ Esperanto


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