12th February 2018

Artist: La Caution
Title: Pilotes Automatiques
Language: French (and Tamil)

I have just watched the brilliant French film ‘Sheitan’ (Satan), which has an excellent cast, including the truly inspirational Vincent Cassel. It’s compact and totally crazy – a Christmas film in the same way that Belgian offering ‘Calvaire’ is a Christmas film. While not being a horror film per se, it has classic ‘horror’ motifs – a remote chateau-style house, many disturbing in-bred characters, freaky homemade dolls, and…goats. It has an absolutely killer soundtrack, and today’s track is on the end credits. Yet another example of how French rap is hard to be beaten. I recommend that you seek this film out! There are some super-talented people out there in the world!

This song samples the song ‘Ottagatha Kattiko’ from the Tamil film ‘Gentleman’, which has a soundtrack by A R Rahman. I have included that below too. A bumper day of tunes!

DJ Esperanto


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