16th March 2018: Las Vinylators – Autocinema Zombie

Artist: Las Vinylators
Title: Autocinema Zombie
Language: Spanish (the band are from Mexico)

Yet another excellent all-girl garage / psych band from Mexico – this is making me want to move there immediately with my bass guitar! More energy, more kick-ass tunes, and more fun! There appears to be quite a scene in Mexico for garage music, and this has made me very happy. I need to investigate further, as always…

At under two minutes, this song will not take up too much of your time to listen to, but you’ll be humming it all day. You might possibly shout ‘Hey!’ at random strangers. Viva las chicas!

Las Vinylators are on the Lisbon-based record label Groovie Records, which seems to be a modern garage-punk fan’s dream website. I have bookmarked it, just sayin’… 🙂

DJ Esperanto


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