5th June 2018: Ludger Edelkötter & Josef Reding – Krankmachmachine

Artist: Ludger Edelkötter & Josef Reding
Title: Krankmachmachine
Language: German

This song has everything! Fuzz guitar, children singing, funky drumming…if only more songs for kids were like this, I think the world might be a more psychedelic place. From a whole album (!) of crazy songs for kids from 1975 called ‘Guten-Tag-Lieder’ (Good Day songs), which you can probably buy for lots of money from a collector somewhere because it seems to be insanely popular with people who sample break beats. One of the songs on the B-Side is called ‘Das Hat Mit Politik Zu Tun’ (That has to do with politics), which is possibly the best name for a children’s song *ever*.

As an aside, a few weeks back I saved this song on YouTube. A few days later I opened a new window to look at something else on YouTube, but this song also started playing on the previous YouTube window. It was a bit spooky, especially with the kids’ voices! But it could also be because my computer is really old and slow…

DJ Esperanto


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