10th July 2018: Pooneh – Hamishe Tanha

Artist: Pooneh
Title: Hamishe Tanha
Language: Persian

Due to my computer being *really annoying*, this post is a day late – many apologies for that. This track is from 1970s Iran, which seems to have been a place of immense creativity at that time.

Discogs has a small amount of information:

“Leila Gerami ( لیلا گرامی ), best known as Pooneh, was an Iranian pop singer.
She started singing at the age 16. After the Iranian revolution, she was banned from taking part in any artistic activities.”

Think about that for a moment – banned from taking part in any artistic activities. I thank my lucky stars every day that I am free to express myself. Thankfully tracks like these are still available to listen to.

You can find this track on the compilation ‘Zendooni (Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation)’ which was released by Pharaway Sounds in 2012.

DJ Esperanto


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