12th July 2018: Sandro – El Maniquí

Artist: Sandro
Title: El Maniquí
Language: Spanish

How is England feeling today about the World Cup after last night’s football? I think (possibly without intending to), Sandro (from Argentina) sums it up best in this song from 1969 with these lyrics:

“Mas tú creíste que eras reina, que yo, tu esclavo, debía darte todo, y así,
y así te di mi honor y me anulaste, y te regalé todo, te di mi sangre, mis sentidos, mis caricias, y tú todo lo tomaste y me anulaste.
Mas, mas cuando te pedí un poco de amor, tú sin mirar hacia atrás te marchaste.”

Roughly translates as (thank you Google Translate, once again…):

“But you thought you were queen, that I, your slave, should give you everything, and so,
and so I gave you my honor and you annulled me, and I gave you everything, I gave you my blood, my senses, my caresses, and you all took it and you annulled me.
But, more when I asked you for a little love, you did not look back and left.”

Yes. Sandro understands the pain.

DJ Esperanto


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