26th March 2018: Stephan Remmler und Nina – Feuerwerk

Artist: #Stephan und Nina
Title: Feuerwerk
Language: German

Stephan (Remmler) is the ex-singer from pop band ‘Trio’, and he made this record with a nine-year-old girl who is actually called Angela Smecca. So, who is Nina? Apparently Stephan was going to record this song with Nina Hagen (imagine!) but, sadly, it didn’t happen.

I have a soft spot for space-inspired pop music – this song is great! It also taps into the 1980s fear of nuclear war. Stephan und Nina (after having been to the Milky Way to do some shopping!) sit in their spaceship and watch the earth being lit up by pretty, colourful ‘fireworks’, but the earth is in reality being destroyed by weapons. So they just decide to go somewhere else in the solar system instead and to come back in a few million years! Probably when humans have a bit more sense…maybe?

DJ Esperanto


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