12th March 2018: Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie

Artist: Stereolab
Title: Cybele’s Reverie
Language: French

How have I got so far through my investigation into foreign-language music and not chosen a track by Stereolab? Why has nobody told me off for this glaring omission?

I have recently been listening to an Indie compilation on Apple Music, and this track featured on it, and it suddenly hit me that, hey, it’s in French! I know, I was a bit slow there.

When I was a student in London I saw one of Stereolab’s early gigs, in a pub somewhere near Mornington Crescent (I think). I went because Martin Kean, ex-Chills bassist, was in the band (I was going through a huge New Zealand music obsession thing at the time – to be fair I still am…), and so that meant that Stereolab would automatically be great. And so they were.

This is a live version from ‘Later with Jools Holland’.

DJ Esperanto


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