17th July 2018: Sumé – Nye Tider

Artist: Sumé
Title: Nye Tider
Language: Greenlandic

The hugely important 1973 album that this track comes from (which was called ‘Sumut’) was the first rock album in the Greenlandic language. The album came out with the backdrop of Greenland striving for cultural independence from Denmark. The record cover shows a reproduction of a 19th-century woodcut by Aron of Kangeq depicting an Inuit hunter killing a Norseman. There was a film by Inuk Silis Høegh about the band which was released in 2014 called “Sume – lyden af den grønlandske revolution” (Sumé: the sound of a revolution), and I am adding it to my list of films to watch.

This is also a first for my blog – I have never used a Greenlandic song before!

DJ Esperanto


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