1st February 2018

Artist: Agentss
Title: Agentss
Language: Brazilian Portuguese / German

After the heady rush of Covers Month, I shall now return to hand-picking original songs by amazing artists from every corner of the world. We are starting with a top tune today…let’s go!

Agentss were a New Wave electronic band from São Paulo, fronted by the most excellently-named Kodiak Bachine. After a trip to America he came back to Brazil and started a band influenced by the groups he had seen and heard, and sang using a mash-up of various languages, including “extraterrestrial idioms”.

Once again, Brazil does not disappoint, musically-speaking. And I have yet another brilliant band catalogue to add to my ever-increasing list of music to listen to, and only one life to listen to it all.

DJ Esperanto


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