11th July 2018: Tony Pabón y la Protesta – El Loco

Artist: Tony Pabón y la Protesta
Title: El Loco
Language: Spanish

Needing a bit of motivation today…yep, this will do nicely! Those horns are killer!

I sometimes feel sad that I don’t have the time to research all of these fabulous artists properly. I am guessing there is a great story behind this group. I know that Tony Pabón was born in Puerto Rica and moved to New York as a small child. I know that the great Willie Colón was in the group at some point. If sharing one track by them today makes someone go and investigate their back catalogue, then that will make me very happy!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and dance! Well, actually, I have to go and dry my hair so I am not late for work, but I shall be dancing while I do that!

DJ Esperanto


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