14th March 2018: Yucatán a Go-Go – Natalia

Artist: Yucatán a Go-Go
Title: Natalia
Language: Spanish (the band are from Mexico)

I had a notification on YouTube about a new Jessy Bulbo video (yay!), and this exciting news got me looking at related videos. There has been a *lot* happening in the Mexican rock scene in the last decade or so! I have found a few things I really like, so I shall post those tracks over the next few day.

Today’s track is by Yucatán a Go-Go, and I chose this one because I really like the song, but I *love* the video! The lyrics refer to a classic Faustian story (from a rock and roll perspective, possibly started with Robert Johnson) – making a pact with the devil to be a great guitar player! But Natalia…what will the consequences of that pact be?

The video for this track neatly follows the song lyrics, but I love it because of the clever references to a particular Hieronymus Bosch painting. You will always keep me interested if you have fabulous art involved!

So…a stark lesson to us all. Although, maybe worth it to be in a band with Hendrix, Bonham and Dee Dee Ramone? 🙂

DJ Esperanto


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